Ardoch Youth Foundation

Early Childhood Oral Education Project




Ardoch Youth Foundation is a national organisation working to make education a reality for families, children and young people living in disadvantaged circumstances. They support many young people and their families by removing barriers to full participation in school. Working in partnership with early childhood centres and schools, its programs aim to broaden the horizons of disadvantaged children to help them succeed later in life.

Early Childhood Oral Education Project, supported by Gandel Foundation

Poor literacy is one of the biggest barriers to a child’s educational success. Research shows that literacy difficulties most often begin in early childhood, and disproportionately affect children from disadvantaged homes.

Ardoch early childhood education programs focus on preparing disadvantaged children for a successful transition to primary school. The programs facilitate the placement of vulnerable children in desperate need of early childhood education and targeted support. Each Ardoch program is tailored to the specific needs of the community. 


“With Gandel Foundation’s visionary support, Ardoch is developing children’s literacy at the most crucial time.”

Mandy Burns, CEO, Ardoch Youth Foundation

Funding from Gandel Foundation is making it possible to expand this project into all of Ardoch’s partner early childhood education centres over the next three years. This will mean that many more disadvantaged children will be provided with opportunities to develop their oral language through play activities and reading with trained volunteers. The children will take part in inspiring excursions and incursions, and be able to take home books and resources that would otherwise be unavailable to them.