Gandel Foundation may only give grants to eligible charitable organisations that fulfil the following requirements:

  • They are charitable at law;
  • They have the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status – provision for gift deductibility must be under Item 1, or they must be specifically named as a DGR in Subdivision 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997;
  • They are endorsed as Tax Concession Charity (TCC).

When applying, all organisations must supply copies of the relevant documents with each application. Please note that print-outs from the ABN Lookup website are not sufficient to verify eligibility

Every organisation thinking about applying should carefully read the information on the website related to eligibility, grant levels and areas of interest, the application process and the guidelines. If the organisation needs more information they can contact Gandel Foundation on (03) 8564 1288, or via email on . If the organisation is certain they are eligible to apply and have a program proposal that fits Gandel Foundation’s granting philosophy and one of the Areas of Interest, they can proceed with completing and submitting the application form. Organisations are also encouraged to contact Gandel Foundation staff prior to submitting applications.

Gandel Foundation provides grants in a range of Areas of Interest, which vary slightly depending on the level of grants.

In short, the following Areas of Interest are covered under the three grant levels:

Community Grants (up to $40,000):

  • Arts & Culture;
  • Education;
  • Health & Medical Research; 
  • Community Development;
  • Social Cohesion & Inclusion; and
  • Poverty & Disadvantage.

Major Grants ($40,000 to $250,000) and Flagship Grants ($250,000 to $2 million):

  • Arts & Culture;
  • Education;
  • Health & Medical Research; 
  • Youth at Risk;
  • Jewish Identity & Leadership; and
  • Indigenous programs;

The Community Grants level of support is open for application by any eligible organisation.

With Major Grants and Flagship Grants, Gandel Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications. These grants can be applied for only if an organisation is invitied to do so.

This is a matter that the organisation applying needs to determine. The application should be within the specified levels of giving in the three levels of grants of Gandel Foundation. Please note that the budget for the project should be detailed and itemised, and accurately reflect the real cost of running the project.

Gandel Foundation provides support for both the general operating, as well as program-specific support. General operating support is limited in nature, so any organisation should really apply for the support that they believe is most critical to them.

Community Grants are provided as one-off grants. Gandel Foundation can decide to provide multi-year support within its Major Grants and Flagship Grants levels of giving, however these grants can also be made as a one-off contribution. This will depend mostly on the nature of the request, the community need and the need within an organisation.

While there is a preference to support organisations operating within Victoria and programs delivered in Victoria, Gandel Foundation grants are generally open for application by charitable organisations across Australia.


Applications for Community Grants are accepted throughout the year and there are no specific closing dates. Gandel Foundation aims to make determinations on Community Grants applications approximately four times a year.

Applications for Major Grants and Flagship Grants are also accepted throughout the year. Gandel Foundation will aim to make determinations on Major Grants and Flagship Grants approximately twice a year.

In some situations it may, however, take some months from the submission of an application until a decision is made. Applicant organisations should always allow for this in their planning.

Applicant organisations should note that they need to wait six months before applying again, and also note that they can’t apply for the same program. Always check the Grant Guidelines document for all the relevant details.


Each organisation needs to provide reports on the grant received. For one-off grants the final acquittal report is required, upon completion of the program. For multi-year grants, there is a requirement to provide both progress updates every 12 months, as well as the final (acquittal) report. With multi-year grants, subsequent grant payments are subject to satisfactory progress of the program being supported. The Grant Conditions that will be attached to the confirmation letter will contain additional information about the reporting requirements. Gandel Foundation will provide each organisation with a standardised Acquittal Report.