Life Education New Mobile Learning Centre

Life Education Victoria is the largest non-government provider of drug and health education programs to children, families and communities in Australia.  Life Education Victoria utilises 18 mobile learning centres, with 27 trained educators, to work with 155,000 children in 650 primary school across Australia.  1-1.5 hour modules are presented to children each year and teachers are provided with resources to reinforce the messages to students.


Life Education western suburbs Mobile Learning Centre

Gandel Foundation provided funding in 2013 to support a new mobile learning centre servicing the Western Suburbs of Victoria that has replaced the original out-dated unit.

The new unit will enable the Life Education teachers to better engage students through interactive and stimulating programs.  These programs ensure that students are provided with; age appropriate knowledge to support informed health choices, skills and strategies to act upon individual decisions, and recognition of the values and attitudes that may influence lifestyle choice and behaviour.  The teachers are provided with resources to enable them to continue the teaching in this area.

The mobile learning centres play an important role in energising school programs related to drug and health education.