Deadly Sista Girlz in Healesville

With the support of Gandel Foundation, The Wirrpanda Foundation is taking the Deadly Sista Girlz program back to Worawa Aboriginal College in 2015.

The program aims to build proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls, providing a chance to be personally mentored throughout the program and helping them connect with fellow sistagirlz in a fun and caring environment.

Worawa in Healesville, Victoria boards hundreds of students from Aboriginal communities in urban regional and remote Australia and from over 30 different language groups.

The unique Deadly Sista Girlz program is developed and delivered by Aboriginal mentors with weekly sessions across two Terms held in a safe ‘Koori space’ at the College.

Strengthening cultural identity and pride are at the forefront of the program that also helps girls develop self-confidence, safe behaviours, leadership, career aspirations and healthy lifestyles. Discussions with community elders focus on how to maintain cultural identity in a modern world – referred to as the ‘third space’ by the mentors.

One of the program mentors Sarah Wall (pictured in the middle) joined with her colleague Alicia Janz for the first session of 2015 to introduce girls to the Deadly Sista Girlz program. In Term 1 the girls are learning about culture, cyberbullying and thinking tools, while in Term 2 the focus is on culturally appropriate health education and leadership skills.