GPs with Heart

Sacred Heart Mission’s GP Clinic has been revived thanks to a Community Grant from Gandel Foundation.

Reduction in government funding saw the clinic, which specialises in working with a group of people with complex behaviours and issues, close for a short period. However, thanks to Gandel Foundation’s generosity, the reopening of the clinic means that basic health care can be provided to a group of people who generally may not use mainstream GP clinics.

Social isolation, trauma or mental health issues are a few of the reasons people struggle to access mainstream health services, with some people not even recognising that they have unmet health needs. By providing a welcoming lunch, social contact and a relationship, Sacred Heart Mission builds opportunities to connect with people and encourage them to access the GP clinic.

Sacred Heart Mission is fortunate to have doctors who have a long and deep association with the Mission and a particular skill set that help them work effectively with people with more complex medical or health needs. They also have experience in providing care to people who may struggle to articulate what their health issues or symptoms are.

The GP Clinic supports around 50 people each month and operates every Monday and Thursday from 10am to 1pm at Sacred Heart Mission, St Kilda.

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