Jewish Holocaust Centre receives award for an innovative education program

The Jewish Holocaust Centre (JHC) is the proud recipient of the ‘Education and Early Childhood Award’ in Victoria’s Multicultural Awards for Excellence 2015 for its outstanding achievements in promoting the cultural diversity of Victoria’s community.

The award was given in recognition of the ‘Hide and Seek Middle School Program’ created by the JHC Education Department. This pilot project was generously funded by a Major grant from Gandel Foundation.

The impetus for this project came from the overwhelming success of the Anne Frank Exhibition held at the JHC in 2013. This exhibition was created for students aged 10 and older. JHC education staff observed how engaged middle school students were with the Anne Frank Story and its place in Holocaust education.

The JHC’s existing education program and museum displays are suitable for students 14 years and older. Through the experiences of teaching younger groups of students, our educators saw an opportunity to create an education program about the Holocaust which has a positive influence on students aged 10 – 13. The program gives students an opportunity to explore the area of social responsibility, prejudice and bullying in a non-confrontational and safely managed environment.

The awards ceremony was held at Government House on Thursday the 3rd of December 2015. JHC representatives in attendance were Warren Fineberg (Executive Director), Sue Hampel (Co-President) and Lisa Phillips (Director of Education). Also in attendance was Nicole Brittain (Grant Manager, Gandel Foundation).