JAM girls mentoring program

Gandel Foundation has provided funding to NCJWA (Vic) to run a pilot mentor program for teenage girls.

Being a 14-16 year old young Jewish girl is a tough gig; it is a formative age where everyone wants to be cool, be ‘in’ and impress their friends, but many struggle to gain a sense of self and be their own person. Whilst teachers and parents provide the constant support, there’s nothing quite like chatting to an older girl who completely understands the goings on of high school.

“We understand there are so many expectations for young girls and this, together with changing body image, pressures of social media and identity issues can lead to the need for confidence and self-esteem boosting.” Said JAM project founders, Jainie Mills, Ali Davis and Morgan Lincoln.

“Having been through high-school recently, we understand firsthand how difficult being a ‘teenage girl’ can be and would have loved a program like this ourselves and the opportunity to speak to an older mentor. We want our program to empower young Jewish girls, instil them with a sense of self-worth, independence and belief in themselves. “

We are thrilled that Gandel Foundation has recognised the need to support Jewish teenage girls in their formative years and have the confidence in NCJWA (Vic) to deliver such a program,” said Annette Sweet, NCJWA (Vic) Programs & Events Manager.

“Gandel Foundation knows there are many challenges that young teenage girls face in these formative years. This new initiative will help address some of these issues to deliver outcomes that will make a real difference to these young Jewish teenage girls; especially as they continue to form their own identities”. Nicole Brittain, Grant Manager – Jewish and Israel Programs, Gandel Foundation

The program will focus on four main areas including personal, social, work and community aspects. It will be supported by volunteer professionals and it will be offered to Jewish girls at all schools.

A JAMfest event for teenage girls is planned for early December, 2016.

For more details contact Annette Sweet annette.sweet@ncjwavic.org.au
9044 5403