Launch of the Gandel Genomics Centre to enable next generation health care

The new Gandel Genomics Centre, launched at Hudson Institute of Medical Research on 19 June 2017 by Mr Frank McGuire, Parliamentary Secretary for Medical Research, will play a vital role in transforming the future of Victorian healthcare.

The centre is a significant boost to Hudson Institute’s genomic capabilities that will reduce timelines for testing from weeks to hours, enabling rapid diagnosis, early intervention and prevention and therapies targeted to individual needs.

The Gandel Genomics Centre will utilise world-leading technology capabilities at the Monash Health Translation Precinct and new scientific expertise to translate complex medical research data into faster and more effective diagnostic tests for Victorians.

“The centre will employ a range of high level scientists and bioinformaticians to translate genetic data into real world applications, such as diagnostic tests and personalised medicine,” said Hudson Institute Director, Professor Williams.

The unique co-location of the Centre within the precinct’s Translational Research Facility, where scientists and clinicians from Hudson Institute, Monash University and Monash Health work side-by-side, supported by world leading technology and expertise, will take genomics research in Victoria to the next level.

“Our researchers have access to a pipeline that enables their discoveries to reach patients in breakthrough time. This has been a long-term vision for us, and one that will see great benefits for our community,” said Professor Williams.

“Next generation sequencing technologies within the new Gandel Genomics Centre will enable our scientists to identify precise genetic mutations in tumour biopsies taken from cancer patients. Using this information, we are then able to identify the best and most effective drugs for those patients,” Professor Williams said.

“We are extremely grateful to Gandel Foundation and Gandel’s family for recognising the excellence of Hudson Institute’s genomic research capabilities and the future of genomics technologies,” said Professor Williams.

“Our vision for the Gandel Genomics Centre is that it becomes the premier site for genomic health research, recognised internationally for excellence and innovation,” said Professor Williams.

Mrs Lisa Thurin, Trustee of Gandel Foundation, said she sees the life-changing potential of genomics technologies to transform healthcare.

“My family has been supporting genomics work at the Monash Health Translation Precinct and the Hudson Institute for over a decade,” said Mrs Thurin.

“Helping set up this Centre to enable future significant research in genomics and precision medicine was a natural next step in our productive and fruitful relationship.”

Gandel Foundation have supported genomics research capabilities at the Hudson Institute since 2005.

The Gandel Genomics Centre forms part of the broader Monash Health Translation Precinct (MHTP) Medical Genomics Facility – a recognised platform technologies leader in Australia, which provides services to over 400 researchers from the MHTP partners (Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Monash University and Monash Health), as well as the wider Victorian and national scientific communities.