Young Women’s Network

“One of the most difficult things about having ovarian cancer as a young woman is the sense of isolation; feeling like the odd one out with the ‘wrong’ type of cancer and at the ‘wrong age.” – Laura Langdon (pictured).

There is an understanding that younger women diagnosed with ovarian cancer face unique challenges through their experience. With support from Gandel Foundation and Dry July Foundation, Ovarian Cancer Australia are launching the Younger Women’s Network – a pilot program consisting of a series of 12 online facilitated support and information sessions.

Commencing in March 2019, between five and eight younger women will meet with a health professional facilitator for an hour and a half each month, to connect with and support each other. 

Laura Langdon, a member of the Younger Women’s Network advisory group commented, “I am so excited about this new program because it will enable young women to connect with each other, and to access support that is both cancer-specific and age-appropriate. Nothing else like it currently exists, so I am positive that this program will make a huge difference.”

The program will cover a range of topics specifically tailored for women with ovarian cancer under 50 years of age. For those interested in participating in this program,they can email the Ovarian Cancer Australia Helpline on or call 1300 660 334.