COVID-19 Update from Gandel Foundation (23rd March Update)

Gandel Foundation would like to inform all our partners, stakeholders and contacts about the measures we are taking in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 virus.

This situation is quite unprecedented and there is no playbook. Nevertheless, Gandel Foundation and the Gandel family remain committed to working with all our not-for-profit partners, other charitable organisations and all levels of government to overcome the challenges ahead of us and support the Australian community.

Our operations will continue

Gandel Foundation team is continuing to operate, and we will continue keeping in touch and stay connected via email and on the phone.

In addition, the following procedures have been implemented, effective from 24 March 2020 until further notice:

– our offices are CLOSED;

– we continue to work from home;

– all meetings will be held remotely;

– we will not be conducting site visits nor participating in other gatherings;

– all work-related travel is cancelled;

– we will be using video conferencing if and when required, otherwise all communication will be via phone, facetime and email;

At the moment we will be utilising both office and remote work options, unless advised otherwise. We will be providing regular updates on our website in terms of how we operate, as the circumstances change and the situation evolves.

Our support for the community and our partners

While the full implications of the COVID-19 health crisis are not yet clear, we are more than aware that there will be major consequences for all sectors in the society, but especially those most vulnerable and marginalised.

The health crisis will also have a significant impact on our partner organisations, their staff and volunteer teams, and the people they aim to support.

Gandel Foundation will, at every stage, aim to be as constructive, supportive and responsive to our grantees’ needs as it is possible:

–       we will aim to be flexible in terms of the objectives and the timelines for the programs that we support;

–       we will allow time for submission of progress reporting on current grants, and allow verbal progress reports as well as written ones, if circumstances require;

–       for other time-bound grants (ie events and festivals) we are keen to explore ways in which those funds can be used in the future, or indeed reallocated, dependent on the needs and mutual agreement; 

–       we confirm we can meet our existing forward grant commitments;

–       we will endeavour to provide scheduled grant payments in line with the indications provided to each organisation, unless there are exceptional circumstances;

–   our Community Grants will continue to be assessed as applications are received, but they might have a slightly longer turnaround period until a decision is made.  

Current commitments will be fulfilled

Gandel Foundation trustees approved and allocated nearly all the funding available for the FY 2019/2020. These commitments will be honoured.

Support for the communities affected by COVID-19

In these difficult and uncertain times, it is important for all of us to take care, stay safe and support each other. Gandel Foundation and the Gandel family are particularly concerned about the consequences for those most affected by the crisis, including our elderly residents, the socially isolated, people with a disability and all those affected by loss of employment and/or income.    

We are continuing to monitor the developments carefully and we are engaged in exploring possibilities of individual or collaborative philanthropic support, in order to assist the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our thoughts are with all those affected, directly or indirectly, by the COVID-19 crisis. We also wish to pay our respects to those on the frontline of this crisis, the doctors, nurses and other medical staff who are putting their lives at risk to assist those in need of medical care.