Hatzolah equipped to provide emergency medical care

Hatzolah is an emergency medical response organisation. Their primary goal is to provide a lifesaving bridge of medical care during the first critical moments of a medical emergency before the arrival of an Ambulance, whilst catering to the unique needs of the Jewish Community.

Hatzolah provides comfort to the patient and their family, and helps prevent additional injury or further deterioration of the patient’s health.

In April 2020 Hatzolah received grant support from Gandel Foundation to equip them to better service the community during the COVID crisis. Thanks to that support, Hatzolah equipped their responders with new radios, an improved radio network access and systems and a service upgrade.

By July Hatzolah reported an increase of some 80% in their activity, compared to pre-COVID-19 levels or responses, and continuing to rise. Hatzolah also works very closely, and coordinates its medical activities, with Ambulance Victoria, who also requested them to provide responder availability to drive ambulances in some COVID-related situations.