Gandel Foundation Continues Support for Courage to Care

Gandel Foundation have recently recommitted their support to Courage to Care for the next three years. This is a significant investment valued at over $200K and builds on the successful partnership between the two organisations that has been going on for nearly a decade. This latest three-year grant is providing core operational support to Courage to Care to enable them to deliver on their mission and reach even more young people.

Courage to Care delivers programs that teach our younger generations about human rights and about the importance of standing up and protecting those rights. In these turbulent times, initiatives that educate about compassion, care and humanity are probably more important than ever before. Gandel Foundation and the Gandel family are fully committed to helping build and strengthen social cohesion and inclusion in the Australian community, and our enduring partnership with Courage to Care is one of the finest examples of working together to achieve that,” said Vedran Drakulic OAM, CEO of Gandel Foundation.

“Courage to Care is delighted to have the continued support of Gandel Foundation for the next three years. This is especially pleasing given the challenges we have all faced over recent years. Gandel Foundation are a Principal Partner and have been strong supporters for many years, not just with resources but also with guidance, advice and connections. Their support has been pivotal in our success and this renewed commitment will allow us to reach over 10,000 students across Victoria each year with our Upstander education programs. We see this as a true, enduring and equal partnership to achieve our common goal of educating on the dangers of racism, discrimination and prejudice in our communities,” said Mike Zervos, CEO of Courage to Care.

About Courage to Care

Courage to Care commenced as an initiative of B’nai B’rith and believes that ordinary people have the power to make a positive difference in the lives of others by being Upstanders. Taking inspiration from real-life extraordinary acts of courage, our Upstander Programs inspire people to make a real difference in their community by standing up and taking action, creating real change.

Our Upstander Programs educate participants on how to counter the dangers of racism, prejudice, discrimination and bullying.

Delivered by a team of skilled and dedicated volunteers and featuring inspiring testimonies from Holocaust survivor speakers, our Upstander Programs promote acceptance of diversity within our community, transform bystander behaviour, and inspire participants to become Upstanders.

Upstander Programs encourage participants to become aware of their potential to make a positive difference, and offer practical tools for standing up against racism, bullying and prejudice by empowering participants to take positive action – in the schoolyard, workplaces, and in our communities.

We deliver Upstander Programs free of charge to secondary and primary schools across Victoria.