Gandel Play Spaces @ Emmy Monash

John and Pauline Gandel and the extended Gandel family have had a long-standing relationship with the Emmy Monash Aged Care organisation.

Through Gandel Foundation the family supported numerous programs and developments at Emmy Monash, including helping them set new benchmark in aged care with one of their more significant projects – Gandel House. Today, that facility is regarded as the ‘gold standard’ in the aged-care sector and truly embodies the concept of ‘positive ageing’. Also, Pauline Gandel has been the Patron of the organisation for many years.

More recently, John and Pauline also stood by Emmy in what was one of the most difficult periods, dealing with the COVID-19 emergency. They supported their actions and initiatives aimed at ensuring the safety and comfort of their residents in those challenging times – and Emmy holds an enviable record of ensuring no covid cases….

Another innovative project that was supported was related to enabling residents to feel comfortable and engaged, by participating in the so-called Gandel Play Spaces (pictured). These are designated areas within Gandel House where the elderly have a chance to meet their grandkids – and great-grandkids – play and talk with them, share a game or a laugh – and simply spend some quality time together!